Thin Space

by Mark Harrington

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A small piece of personal musical history, originally released on cassette last century!

This was the first collection of music I ever released to the g. Admittedly, it has many cringe-worthy elements (the production and recording, the ridiculous over-compression, general abuse of effects!...etc), and unfortunately these versions are the only digital copies remaining (with clicks and all). Nevertheless, looking beyond the low sound quality, in an nostalgic sort of way it remains a somewhat unique and special work for me,

It was recorded on an old Tascam 4-track in an intense period of writing and recording, mixed down to DAT and released on cassette format ... a process that seems almost prehistoric now.

The only instrument used was a little acoustic guitar that I had made for me, played the life out of and eventually sold in a desperate moment years later.


released January 1, 1995



all rights reserved


Mark Harrington Argentina

NZ-born instrument maker and musician, now living in the south of Argentina ... designer/builder for Dragonfly Tapping Instruments.

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Track Name: Hollow
i have a hollow head
within such thoughts as these exist
as echoes without origin or end
such noble thoughts
of truth and love and justice
i would speak of these
see, my sounding hole is open
but there is only silence
Track Name: Sometimes
sometimes i wonder what its all about
sometimes i just want to let it out
sometimes i think i may, i think i might
sometimes i feel the urge to sound the night
sometimes i cannot move i am so weak
sometimes i do not wish to speak again
sometimes i feel its way to strong
sometimes i wonder is there something wrong
sometimes i hear voices in my head
sometimes i wish that i were ...
somewhere else instead
Track Name: Dilemma
this is love this is hate
theres the fence but wheres the gate
just this small hole
in this forbidden corner

i'm full of wonder at the sight
its full of darkness, full of light
it tempts, it haunts me
draws me nearer

some fools who think they're in the know
will analyse and try to show
the reason behind the sad mans leaving
but oh theres many reasons
i wonder do you feel them
i'm not so sure that you would understand

like a deserter
by night making his own way home
i'll travel light and i'll travel alone
and as i go i leave behind
this world that was mine

doubts ahead and fears behind
i wonder what it is that i might find
into the fiery sun...
consumed by the fiery sun
Track Name: Pied Piper
cold face
i know you well
you stare at me
and with a numbness
that frightens me

you were there
you watched them dance
you played for them
you held them in your trance
if only i had one more chance
but you can't turn back the clock

cold face and hands
thin fingers
ripped them from the warmth of the womb
is it any wonder that they cry

the wheels
the stars, the sun
the seasons
the minds of men
the rhymes, the reasons
they all go round
and the time bomb ticks
tick tock ...
Track Name: Still Searching
you know i've got ths funny feeling
like i'm missing something
and i'm down on my hands and knees
searching for it

i know its here
yeah this is the place alright
i once thought i touched it
but then i lost it again
so i'm searching for it
but i cannot find it
maybe if i just lie here ...

and your standing there laughing
you say i am a fool
you say i must look harder
you seem so smug and sure
but i've seen you
when you think no one else is around
i've seen you down on you hands and knees
you're searching too
and you cannot find it

you say i must look harder
i say perhaps you are the fool
Track Name: The Machine
i the machine
i move up and down
i move round and around
i think nothing
i feel nothing

i do not rest
i do not tire
i just keep moving, moving, moving
almost as if i was alive

sometimes in the darkness
it makes me
the pain makes me wonder
is man a machine
that he must forever go round and around
i think and i feel
i think and i feel different
Track Name: Once for All
how many of your tears lay in those great flood waters
how many still fall with the rains from heaven

why'd you take it, why'd you eat it
as you turned it in your hand
how did it feel?

but these seem foolish questions
for who is there
who has not already known the answer
within himself
for one by one we join you there
we turn it in out hand and ...

and now my tears too
for we stand there together at that moment
and we are one

but there came another
and another moment
he said take it
he said eat it
he said remember me i shall return

and one by one we join him there
we stand at that moment
and we are one
Track Name: Strange Dream
and there came a little man
scratching his way across the surface of the land
etching his name across the contours of his existence
like a message in the dust

and theres voice
this voice speaking saying
from her did you rise and to her you will return

so here we are then
you and me
the clay upon the wheel
where are the fools
who boldly claim to be there own master
for is it not i who has mapped the very paths they choose to tread
they are spread across the heavens
for all who have eyes to see

look, i can see your cities rising
like splinters in earths flesh
your machines
piercing, sucking
like tiny mechanical parasites

see how these small wounds fester
a poison seeps and creeps
with large eyes and thin fingers
and then like some huge pregnant queen
she'll lay her eggs within you

and i'm running
i'm running but i can't get free
and i cry father, help me
theres something inside
i can feel it
i can feel it stir
i can feel it struggle

so tell me father
how long have you deceived me
how long have realized
that as you feed the child you nurture the beast
father, help me
for it has taken me

and i'm running
and as i'm running i'm tearing at my face and arms and body
scratching the scales from my skin
bloodied hands, wet fingers
layer after layer
but there is no end

and now i lie still
i watch the poison flow
there it goes ...
and i smile
perhaps there is an end after all
here it comes
Track Name: Finale
i won't go up in a blaze of glory
and I won't go down in a heap of despair
with one big beautiful breath i shall leave you
though i fall to the ground
i shall take to the air

i will burst through the pain
i hope it doesn't linger
and i hope it doesn't fade before i get to feel it
i the phoenix will rise up from the flames
spread my golden wings
and fly away

there is
there is no reason
for your tears on this side of eternity
though i know
it seems such sadness
there really is no reason to worry